Friday, September 7, 2012

Silicon Rubber Mold Making Continues......

Day two of rubber mold making with the Deep in the Heart Art Foundry crew.
The first unthickened coat of rubber is almost completely finished. The silicon rubber is white but the normal set catalyst is purple which gives the first coat the lilac tint. The second coat is slightly thickened  and some higher speed catalyst is used which changes the color to tan and makes it easy to see where the new rubber has been applied. The third coat is very thick and applied like putty.
Today is the third day of the crew being here. I expect the rubber to get finished up, plaster mother mold.

last of the first coat going on

Gary is blowing the fresh rubber with compressed air to pop any trapped air bubbles

second coat going on

Clint pouring rubber into the belly button

beginning to add the thickened third coat

spreading it out

third coat is applied to the entire  surface first, only then applied to the shim line

mixing more rubber

preparing the second drum of rubber for use

at the end of day 2, leg rubber is done, torso almost done

Keys have been added and rubber flanges trimmed


  1. Playing Cards?! Great idea. I've been looking for a simple, thin, rigid barrier to create separation in the molding process.

    1. The foundry gets misprinted playing cards from a printing company for cheap. This company is in Texas but you might find a company near you that prints cards and will save the misprints for you.

  2. Wow! Thos are some good looking custom rubber moldings! Love the pictures!

  3. Hi Megan,

    Yes, Deep in the Heart Art Foundry did a great job on those molds.

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