Monday, April 21, 2014

Setting up Sculpture for the 2014 Oklahoma Festival of the Arts

This is really the last shot, Anna Rutherford took the photos, had to get her in one of them.

Pulling up at 7:15am in a light drizzle. Wouldn't be an Arts Festival without at least a hint of inclement weather.

Unstrapping the artwork

Positioning Horny Toad Tome in the sculpture tent.

Desert Pastoral, Watership Down, and Horny Toad Tome

Making sure the hook doesn't hit us on the head.

David Phelps & Jose Rodriguez

Sculpture Garden was curated by Tony Morton. (on the left)

Off she goes.

How to make a brick facade…….

turn into a glass facade.

Going down.

Matt was a very skilled crane operator.

Legs next


Friday, April 11, 2014

Finishing Piece for OKC Festival of the Arts

Working on Pastoral Dreamer. New American Beauty in the background

Getting ready for this year's OKC Festival of the Arts Sculpture Garden.